Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016 we had a farewell potluck for Elder Gary and Sister Susan Winters.  They are our Humanitarian Missionaries and have served in the same office space with us since we arrived in November.  They arrived in September so we have been with them a long time.  It is kind of hard to say goody-bye to not only missionaries but friends.  We have been on quite a few adventures with them.  We will really miss them.

Louisa in front then Elder Winters, Elder Maughan, Sister Winters and Sister Maughan.  Elder and Sister Maughan are their replacements.  We will get to know them since we will be working in the same office space for the next 7 months.
Elder and Sister Winters in front of the food.  It was a very nice lunch.  We had two different cakes so they could invite other people down to say good-bye plus we celebrated birthdays of three of the people who work in the office.
Elder Bennett and Elder Winters having some lunch.
Nada and Susan saying good bye.

We will really miss them.  Serving a mission together is great.  Not only are you missionaries together but you become friends and depend on each other since they are like your family while you are away from home. We are glad they live in the Sandy area so we will be able to stay in touch.

They were great missionaries and helped us out a lot when we were new here.

The gospel is true.  Making new friends while serving together is one of those blessings.

Until next time, love Elder and Sister Spencer (aka Reed and Nada)


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