Wednesday, 6 April 2016

From March 14th to March 17th, 2016 all the principals from the church schools were here in New Zealand for their annual Principal's Conference.  This year they did not bring the ITEP Missionaries in.  Last year we were very involved with this conference since we were going to take over being the ITEP Coordinators for the next 8 months.  This year we had nothing to do with it but still stepped in for a couple of sessions.  It was so good to see our good friends Leo, Mika, Steve and Jack from Samoa and our other principal friends from the other countries.

Elder Kim B. Clark, the Commissioner of Church Schools was here for the week along with Chad Webb who is the Director of Seminary and Institutes.  They talked about some new and exciting things regarding the Church's involvement in education, here in the Pacific and across the world.  He said Self-Reliance will play a very big part.  Reed and I were very excited because it was all very consistent with what we have been working on.  We are looking forward to having Elder Pearson come back from General Conference in SLC because he was going to meet with Elder Clark and Elder Ringwood and discuss specific issues we have been working on.  Stay tuned for more information.

On Wednesday, March 17th they had all the Seminary and Institute coordinators and all the principals and Area Office staff meet together to listen to Chad Webb.  He talked about things happening with Seminaries and Institutes.
Sister Webb talked.  She was very confident up there leading a discussion and a very positive, happy, friendly person.
Sister Clark spoke mostly about teaching the gospel in our homes.

Elder Clark talked about education and the role each of them have in helping our young people learn about spiritual and temporal things.  He said there are going to be big changes and we better all "Buckle Up!"
Reed loves this Toetoe Grass.  It grows all along the motorway and highways here.  It really is beautiful right now.
We had a very busy week.  It was great to see dear friends and learn from our leaders.  Working here in the Area Office we get to meet and work with a lot of General Authorities.  Another blessing that we are able to enjoy for serving a mission.
We are excited for the changes we are involved in and seeing peoples lives changing and improving.  We feel so blessed to be able to serve and help these wonderful people in the Pacific Area.  Sometimes things don't change or move as fast as we would like but we try to keep saying by small and simple things great things will come to pass.
We know The Lord is in charge and are trying to follow His Will.
Until next time, love Elder and Sister Spencer (aka Reed and Nada)


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